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Health Services

Christy Cottrell - RN, BSN, System-wide School Nurse

Stephanie Brown - RN, BSN, System-wide School Nurse

Jennifer Norton - RN, BSN, Coordinated School Health Coordinator 

Cheri Barekman - RN, System-wide School Nurse

Brenda Grunder – Administrative Secretary

Phone: (423) 232-5380


Karen Gouge, LPN – Cherokee Clinic Nurse

Josie Arnold, LPN – Fairmont Clinic Nurse

Brandy Nixon, LPN – Lake Ridge Clinic Nurse

Allie Malone, LPN – Mountain View Clinic Nurse

Michelle Jefferson, RN – North Side Clinic Nurse

Sandra Paxton, LPN – South Side Clinic Nurse

Erica Wright, LPN – Towne Acres Clinic Nurse

Bryan Reeves, LPN – Woodland Clinic Nurse

Janina Sigrest, LPN – Indian Trail Clinic Nurse

Laura McKinney, LPN – Liberty Bell Clinic Nurse

Amy Kostrzewa, RN – Science Hill Clinic Nurse

Jessica Meeks, RN - Science Hill Clinic Nurse


Pediculosis (Head Lice) – Board Policy 6.4031

If live lice are found, you will be required to pick up your child from school. After treatment with a medicated shampoo and removal of all lice, the parent will be required to bring the child to school for a final check by the clinic nurse or school-based designee in order to be cleared to return to school. A student will be expected to met all requirements for treatment and return to school no later than two (2) days following exclusion for head lice.


Head Lice 101 (ENG)

Head Lice 101 (ESP)

How to examine your child for Head Lice (ENG)

How to examine your child for Head Lice (ESP)

Head Lice Letter for Parents (for school use only) (ENG)

Head Lice Letter for Parents (for school use only) (ESP)


Physical Examinations and Immunization Requirements – Board Policy 6.402

Students entering school for the first time (preschool, kindergarten, first grade and other students for whom there is no health record) must have a physical examination done no earlier than August 1 of the year preceding the year of enrollment. This documentation must be presented by the time of entrance. All other new students and transfer student will have thirty (30) days to present the record of a physical examination by a physician or other health provider. The physical examination contained in the records from the student’s previous school will be acceptable. Students who do not provide proof of a complete, physical examination will be denied admission to school until the appropriate documentation is presented.

No student, including preschool, kindergarten or first grade, those from out-of-state and those from nonpublic schools, will be permitted to enroll and/or attend school without proof of immunizations, as defined by the Commissioner of Public Health except as allowed by the McKinney/Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvements Act of 2001. It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to have their child(ren) immunized and to provide proof of immunization to the school which the student is to attend.


If you need more information about immunization requirements in Tennessee, please click here


TN Immunization Requirements Summary Table

TN Immunization Certificate Sample




Last Updated: June 18, 2021